About Myka Greeley

Creator & Founder of SKIP FIT

Hello! My name is Myka Greeley, and I'm the Creator and Founder of SKIP FIT. I'm an innovative jump rope fitness instructor from Australia... I left my corporate career in 2016 to share my skills and ignite a new flame in health and fitness.

I first began demonstrating jump rope as a seven-year-old girl, and soon became a world-class jump rope competitor - representing Australia in my early twenties. More than a decade after I officially hung up my competitive ropes, I saw a gap in the fitness industry when it came to understanding and practicing jump rope.

Time and time again I would see people at the gym with the wrong type of rope in their hands; usually an incorrect length, made of poor quality materials, and easily broken or coiled. This would ultimately cause them to be frustrated and give up in disappointment. By casually offering a few suggestions and showing my fellow gym members the ropes I had been using for decades, I soon saw many of them improving immediately and getting results, while having a big smile on their faces.

After working in Public Relations and Communications for 10 years, I realized my passion wasn't in media, it was helping others achieve their fitness goals. So I decided to invest my time in something truly meaningful.

My vision was, and still is, to share jump rope as the most efficient way to get fit and live a healthier and happier life. I immediately got qualified as a professional group fitness instructor and started an original 45-minute jump rope class called SKIP FIT.

I soon began teaching at a local boxing gym, attracting a range of people including professional athletes and international models. SKIP FIT's popularity quickly grew to classes at top fitness centers across Sydney.

After relocating back to Australia after four years in Los Angeles, California, I'm now based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, with my husband and our two year old son.

I continue to create jump rope fitness programs designed to challenge people of all fitness levels. SKIP FIT has evolved to include an exclusive rope package available world-wide, an e-course, an online coaching program, and soon to be certification for other professional instructors.

Congratulations on joining #TeamSkipFit. You're on your way to better health and fitness and most importantly, increasing your jump rope swagger! ~Myka